Decommissioning of Offshore Petroleum Installations - A Comparative View

Recorded On: 11/03/2020

Organized by the Europe Chapter

Dr. Leon Moller, Law Lecturer (Energy, Maritime, Oil and Gas Law), Robert Gordon University
Felipe Boechem, Partner, Lefosse Advogados

Jim Christie, Director, Decide Wisely Ltd

Moderator: Uisdean Vass, Managing Director, VassPetro Limited

Given the maturity of the UKCS, Aberdeen is currently one of the most important petroleum decommissioning centres in the world. But decommissioning is casting a long shadow over multiple jurisdictions and it is vital that best practices be applied worldwide. Speakers of this webinar will analyse the two great Lusophone offshore producing jurisdictions, Angola and Brazil, as well as an important far Eastern jurisdiction, Thailand.

Dr. Leon Moller

Law Lecturer (Energy, Maritime, Oil and Gas Law), Robert Gordon University

Dr. Leon Moller is a Maritime and Energy Law Lecturer at Robert Gordon University Law School. Leon has some 20 years of academic and legal experience in the oil and gas and minerals sector. A native of Namibia, he is qualified to practice in Namibia and the UK, and has served as Petroleum Commissioner of Namibia.

Felipe Boechem

Partner, Lefosse Advogados

Felipe Boechem is Head of Oil & Gas in Brazilian law firm Lefosse Advogados. Felipe is active in the upstream scene in Brazil, and also with respect to Petrobras transportation and downstream divestments. He previously served as petroleum consultant to the government of Mozambique and as a member of Shell Brasil’s legal team.

Jim Christie

Principal, Decide Wisely

Jim Christie is the former Head of Worldwide Decommissioning at Marathon Oil Company and former Head of Decommissioning at the [UK] Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). While at the OGA, Jim played a lead role in developing the OGA Decommissioning Strategy. He currents advises operators and the supply chain.

Uisdean Vass (Moderator)

Managing Director, VassPetro Limited

Uisdean Vass is the Scottish co-ordinator for the AIPN and Managing Director at VassPetro Limited, Aberdeen. Uisdean is a prolific author and commentator on MER and has extensive experience in comparative petroleum regimes including the USA, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Offshore Canada and many others. He is qualified to practice in Scotland and Louisiana.


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