The Theory and Practice of Dealmaking: Secrets of Successful Dealmakers

Theory and practice meet in this thought-provoking session with Harvard Professor Guhan Subramanian, author and negotiation expert. In his session, Professor Subramanian will connect the dots between the science of negotiating and the real world conditions encountered by international negotiators by first providing a review of core concepts in negotiations. Then, he will dive deeper by demonstrating how vocabulary such as BATNA, ZOPA, and reservation price can provide a systematic approach to prepare you for your most difficult negotiations, and guide you through best-practice strategies for scenarios that are common in the oil and gas sector. Other topics will include: game-changing moves in competitive  bidding situations; managing counterparties who may not be as sophisticated and/or may have a  different negotiation mindset; and managing situations where the other side gains bargaining leverage  after physical capital has been committed to the region. Attend this session and be better prepared for dealmaking.


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Open to view video.